CS 5350 Applied Geometric Representation and Computation

"Math is fun...when you understand the application" -- Your Instructor

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Art Gallery/Triangulations

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Data Structures

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Geometry Processing

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Schedule/Road Map

The following is our tentative syllabus for the course, changes should be expected throughout the semester. I will announce in class, piazza, or through e-mail any major changes.
Lecture and Readings Assignments Note(s)
1 Friday - May 10, 2024
A1 Released (Official Deadline Due May 24 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline May 31. for up to 90%) Welcome back to class!

Note: First homework has extra time allocated to accommodate students adding, most assignments otherwise due 7-10 days at a time.
2 Friday - May 17, 2024
A2 Released (Official Deadline Due May 27 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline June 3. for up to 90%) (Mike traveling to Paris, may have some delay in email)
3 Friday - May 24, 2024
A3 Released (Official Deadline Due June 3 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline June 10. for up to 90%) (Mike traveling to Cyprus, may have some delay in email)
4 Friday - May 31, 2024
A4 Released (Official Deadline Due June 10 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline June 17. for up to 90%)
5 Friday - June 07, 2024
6 Friday - June 14, 2024
A5 Released (Official Deadline Due June 23 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline June 30 for up to 90%)
7 Friday - June 21, 2024
Sample of Previous Year Final Projects
8 Friday - June 28, 2024
A6 Released (Official Deadline Due July 8 Anywhere on Earth), (Late Deadline July 15. for up to 90%)
9 Friday - July 05, 2024
Assignment - Final Project Proposal/Check-in Start Thinking about final project

Final Project has been pushed to your repo, check-in with instructor on your idea
10 Friday - July 12, 2024
Assignment - Survey Paper (Due Aug. 15 Anywhere on Earth) Have a final project idea (or otherwise consult with instructor/TA)
11 Friday - July 19, 2024
Blender3D (Extra Credit) Anywhere on Earth)
12 Friday - July 26, 2024
Check-in with TA or instructor about your project progress
13 Friday - August 02, 2024
You should have at least a prototype of your project working

Mike tentatively at SIGGRAPH, expect some email delays
14 Friday - August 09, 2024
Project Due last day of class (i.e. TODAY) (Anywhere on Earth) -- No extension can be used on final project -- -10% late per day Last day of class :(
Please do not redistribute or host any materials without e-mailing me first. I generally am happy to share the latest .pdf or slide presentation with those who ask. Thank you for your time!