Research with me

Current Status: At this time I do not have any open research positions or positions for independent study.


In general, you should have taken at least 1 course with me so I can have an understanding of your abilities and your interests to further pursue an independent study. Exceptions in exceptional cases apply (e.g. if you've done a co-op in something directly related to an interest area, we should have a chat!)

At any given time, I have the time/resources to take on 1-2 students. In the future, I may consider a reading group or taking on more students, but at this time I do not have the time to take on more students effectively. As that changes, I will update this page.

Research Areas of Interest

My research domains and focus (in the order below) are currently:
  1. Computer Graphics - Geometry Processing/Levels of Detail
  2. Software Visualization - Building tools that answer a question about software (usually performance related)
  3. Static/Dynamic Analysis - Building tools to answer a question (usually performance related)
Generally speaking, when working with a faculty member (me or someone else), it can be useful to look at some of their recent publicatons to see what they are currently researching or interested in. My publications (sorted) are located here on Google Scholar.

How I reason about research/independent study supervision

The expectation is that you would be publishing original work at the end of the study at a conference venue. Generally speaking for us to work together, we must have a strong mutual interest, or you must be willing to work on a project I supervise in my domain of expertise, I am extremely hesitant to take on 'project pitches' (I have too many of my own I want to work on :)) unless you have good reason to believe I can help -- I only have a few domains of expertise to be of any help to you. )

I do not take on research projects and independent studies as a route to 'get you a class' because some other course is full or 'you need one class to graduate'. Research projects and independent studies are for me to train you as a researcher and prepare a student for a Ph.D.. Generally I want to work with students who I can work with through multiple semesters.

General Advice on how to get involved in research

There are many faculty at Northeastern University who are looking for good students. There are also Summer 'REU' programs for undergraduate and other similar programs available for graduate students. Ask me after class for ways to engage in research, or continue exploring other faculty websites.

Specifically at Northeastern, the PEAK program [link here] can help you get up to speed. Students who want to work with me might show some initiative by exploring this program, and we can also use it as a way to get you funding for doing some research.