Module 11 - Object-Orientd Programming 1Module Overview
1.) C++ is not the C Language -- Course Introduction
2.) C++ Batteries Included - STL and GDB Debugging with the STL
3.) Functions 1: Making our code more modular | GDB and Functions
4.) Input and Output
5.) C++: Thinking about memory
6.) Memory Allocation and Layout
7.) Arrays, Splines, and SFML Library Introduction
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    • This is an evaluation of what was learned in lecture.
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Module Content

Module Overview

In this module we start working with the SFML library!

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • RAII
    • Classes
    • Encapsulation
    • Interface versus Implementation
    • The Three Amigos (or Three musketeers) Copy constructor
    • The Four muskeeters! (Copy Assignment)
    • Shallow and Deep Copy


(Optional Notes)


Note: On occasion I might add some notes here (e.g. common questions from office hours), so consider this a 'beta' product.

  • To
  • be
  • determined

Perhaps some relevant snippet below!

int main(){

    return 0;

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