CS 4300/5310 Computer Graphics

"Let us make some pretty pictures--from the ground up" -- Your Instructor

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The Famous Utah Teapot

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The Dragon!

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The Stanford Bunny

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Schedule/Road Map

The following is our tentative syllabus for the course, changes should be expected throughout the semester. I will announce in class, piazza, or through e-mail any major changes.
Lecture and Readings Assignments Note(s)
1 Wednesday - September 06, 2023
A1 Released (Due Sept. 15 Anywhere on Earth) Welcome back to class!
2 Wednesday - September 13, 2023
A2 Released (Due Sept. 22 Anywhere on Earth)
3 Wednesday - September 20, 2023
A3 Released (Due Sept. 29 Anywhere on Earth)
-- --
4 Wednesday - September 27, 2023
A4 Released (Due Oct. 6 Anywhere on Earth)
-- --
5 Wednesday - October 04, 2023
A5 Released (Due Oct. 17 Anywhere on Earth) Mike away (presenting at cppcon) -- lecture will be prerecorded and posted
6 Wednesday - October 11, 2023
A6 Released (Due Oct. 20 Anywhere on Earth)
7 Wednesday - October 18, 2023
A7 Released (Due Oct. 29 Anywhere on Earth) -Final Project Ideas

-Previous Year Projects

-Form Teams Spreadsheet

-Final Project Repository (Use this for your project!)
8 Wednesday - October 25, 2023
A8 Released (Due Nov. 3 Anywhere on Earth) Mike at Blender Conference

Start finding resources/tutorials to aide in your final project/consult with professor on idea if needed.
9 Wednesday - November 01, 2023
A9 Released (Due Nov. 10 Anywhere on Earth) Graphics Cheat Sheet There is no exam for this course, however, I have a handy cheat sheet for you to go on forward with!
10 Wednesday - November 08, 2023
A10 Released (Due Nov. 17 Anywhere on Earth) Part of lecture is going to be recorded by College.

Amit from AMD is visiting to start class(Fall 23)

Commit to a final project idea
11 Wednesday - November 15, 2023
A11 Released (Due Nov. 27 Anywhere on Earth)
12 Wednesday - November 22, 2023
No Class -- Fall Break
13 Wednesday - November 29, 2023
Start wrapping up project, and begin video production
14 Wednesday - December 06, 2023
Project Due last day of computer graphics class (AOE) -- No tokens can be used on final project Today is the last day of class
15 Wednesday - December 13, 2023
Semester is over--this is just an FYI bonus lecture. Enjoy!
16 Wednesday - December 20, 2023
Semester is over--this is just an FYI bonus lecture. Enjoy!
Please do not redistribute or host any materials without e-mailing me first. I generally am happy to share the latest .pdf or slide presentation with those who ask. Thank you for your time!