Module 1 - Course Introduction and Image Generation - Module Overview
1.) Course Introduction and Image Generation
2.) A Simple Ray Tracer
3.) A Simple Ray Tracer Round 2 - Math, Camera, Shading and Materials
4.) Code Architecture and Performance
5.) Matrices and Moving Cameras
6.) Textures
7.) Ray-Triangle Intersection and Geometric Data
8.) Motion Blur and Acceleration Data Strategy
9.) Lighting and Shading
10.) Parallelization, Renderman, and MoonRay
11.) Hybrid Ray Tracers
12.) No Class or Recording--Fall Holiday
13.) Photon Mapping and other Topics
14.) Final Projects, wrap up! (do your course evaluation please :))

Audio/Video Recording


Readings/Warmup (Do before class)

...Commented Code Samples (if any)

For now I am linking code samples here: Github Code Repository for the course

Additional Resources


(Graded) In-Class Activity link

  • In-Class Activity Link
    • This is graded, and only your first response is graded
    • This is an evaluation of what was learned in lecture.
    • Due one week from when the lecture takes place

Module Content

Module Overview

In this lesson we get started with the class, and learn a little bit about image generation!

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • Course Overview
    • Administrivia
    • Course Structure
    • Programming Language Selection
    • Introduction to Offline Rendering in Computer Graphics
    • Offline verus online graphics
    • Difference between ray tracing, path tracing, and other techniques
    • Color
    • Images
    • Outputting an Image as a PPM
    • Outputting an Image as a TGA
    • Other Image Formats
    • Basic Math Notes


(Optional Notes)

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