Module 8 - Exam on canvas online -- no in person classModule Overview
1.) Structure of a Game and a Game Engine | The Game Loop
2.) Introduction to SDL | Game Loop Timing
3.) Engine Support Systems | Resource and File Systems
4.) C++ Project Structure | Mathematics Library for Game Programming
5.) Abstraction: 2D Game Engine, GameObject, and Components
6.) Data-Oriented Design and Component Systems
7.) Gameplay Systems | Scripting
8.) Exam on canvas online -- no in person class
9.) Spring Break No Class
10.) Physics and Collision
11.) Parallelism and Concurrency
12.) Industry Guest Speaker - Trevor!
13.) Game Audio
14.) Mini Topics(Object Pools, Memory Tagging, command pattern)
15.) Share Final Projects
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Readings/Warmup (Do before class)

Test Your Knowledge (Optional)

[Test your knowledge on the readings] (This is not graded)

...Commented Code Samples (if any)

For now I am linking code samples here: Github Code Repository for the course

Additional Resources


(Graded) In-Class Activity link

  • In-Class Activity Link
    • This is graded, and only your first response is graded
    • This is an evaluation of what was learned in lecture.
    • Due one week from when the lecture takes place

Module Content

Module Overview

Online Exam

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • Exam -- Opens the xx_th, closes the yy_th
    • Exam is short answer and multiple choice
    • Exam is open book, open notes, but you must complete it individually
    • (i.e. no human resource, forum board, etc. can be used)
    • You will have 180 minutes to complete the exam once you start.
    • Log onto Canvas to take the exam, there is nothing in this module.


(Optional Notes)


Note: On occassion I might add some notes here (e.g. common questions from office hours), so consider this a 'beta' product.

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