× 1.) Introduction to Computer Graphics, APIs, and OpenGL. Introdction to C++2.) Rasterization 1 - Lines and Triangles3.) Rasterizaton 2 - Vectors, Matrices, and Projection4.) Rasterization 3 and Math (Transformation and Viewing)5.) Modern OpenGL - Buffers and Shaders6.) Renderdoc, glError, and MVP Transform 7.) Abstraction and Textures8.) Camera and Illumination9.) Advanced Lighting (Multiple Lights and Normal Mapping)10.) SceneGraphs and Terrain11.) Framebuffer Objects and post-processing (and maybe Deferred Rendering)12.) University Holiday -- Content moved to Tuesday13.) Geometry Shaders and/or (Shadows or Lighting Maps or Multi-texturing)14.) Final Projects, wrap up! (do your course evaluation please :))15.) (Optional Bonus) Math Review and Ray Tracing with no API16.) (Optional Bonus) Ray Tracing 217.) (Optional Bonus) - Vulkan18.) (Optional Bonus) - Quaternion Math
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Module 16 - (Optional Bonus) Ray Tracing 2

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Module Content

Module Overview

In this lesson we start with learning some fundamental vector math for computer graphics and then continue our discussion of ray tracing to wrap up the first Peter Shirley book.

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • Normal Vectors
    • Dot Product
    • Cross Product
    • Other Vector Math
    • Ray Tracing part 2!
    • A few additional notes on Ray Tracing
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