× 1.) Introduction to Computer Graphics, APIs, and OpenGL. Introdction to C++2.) Rasterization 1 - Lines and Triangles3.) Rasterizaton 2 - Vectors, Matrices, and Projection4.) Rasterization 3 and Math (Transformation and Viewing)5.) Modern OpenGL - Buffers and Shaders6.) Renderdoc, glError, and MVP Transform 7.) Abstraction and Textures8.) Camera and Illumination9.) Advanced Lighting (Multiple Lights and Normal Mapping)10.) SceneGraphs and Terrain11.) Framebuffer Objects and post-processing (and maybe Deferred Rendering)12.) University Holiday -- Content moved to Tuesday13.) Geometry Shaders and/or (Shadows or Lighting Maps or Multi-texturing)14.) Final Projects, wrap up! (do your course evaluation please :))15.) (Optional Bonus) Math Review and Ray Tracing with no API16.) (Optional Bonus) Ray Tracing 217.) (Optional Bonus) - Vulkan18.) (Optional Bonus) - Quaternion Math
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Module 18 - (Optional Bonus) - Quaternion Math

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Learn about Quaternions

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  • Lecture outline
    • Quaternions
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