× 1.) C++ is not the C Language -- Course Introduction2.) C++ Batteries Included - STL and GDB Debugging with the STL3.) Functions 1: Making our code more modular | GDB and Functions4.) Input and Output5.) C++: Thinking about memory6.) Memory Allocation and Layout7.) Object-Oriented Programming 18.) OO Continued and SFML Library Introduction9.) Scope, Building libraries and more on C++ tooling10.) Object-Oriented Programming 211.) Putting it Together -- Building Data Structures12.) Falling Sands13.) No Class Memorial Day14.) Pointers 2 - Getting Smart15.) C++ Templates16.) Review (Possibly Quad Tree Data Structure Overview)17.) Graphs18.) No Class19.) Splines Data Structure20.) Color Cycling, Sprite Animation, and Resource Manager(Singleton)21.) Concurrency and Threading22.) C++ Memory Model and threading continued23.) Iterators and Algorithm24.) Move Semantics25.) Advanced Topic 1 - Pybind1126.) Advanced Topic 2 - Graphical User Interface(GUI)27.) Flex Day - Topic at Instructors Discretion28.) Course Wrap Up
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Module 26 - Advanced Topic 2 - Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Audio/Video Recording

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The full course playlist is here: Course Youtube Playlist

Module Content

Module Overview

In this module we learn about Graphical User Interfaces!

Module Outline

  • Lecture outline
    • Graphical User Interfaces
    • Building from source
    • wxWidgets
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