About: A sidequest is an optional, not graded, not evaluated in anyway exploration into a topic. Sometimes it is just cool to know what is out there in the world. Sidequests come with a little descritions, presentations, related resources, and a sample code or exercise you can try. Side quests are likely a good area for further independent studies, research project, thesis, etc.

Data Compression Algorithms

Problem Statement

Compressing data can speed up the transmission of data to and from other applications. There is additionally a need to compress data in order to store massive quantities of data, that constantly gets backed up.

Proposed Exercise

Implement several Data Compression Algorithms and measure their performance.

Proposed Evaluation

Try compressing different types of data. Video, 3D Geometry, images, DNA, Virtual reality data, and compare how well the algorithms do. Benchmarking how long to encode/decode the deta for time is useful.

Algorithms will be measured based on the following:

Key Resources

(The first resource you should read)

Additional Resources