The Art of Pizza

Recently I have started making my own pizza's. I am a pizza lover, and I certainly enjoy going out to eat a good pizza. For a while, I even enjoyed trying different frozen pizza's. However, the frozen pizza is packed with preservatives, and all too often it is hard to have just the right toppings.

Pizza Notes

Pizza's I have Made

Pizza Teachings

  1. Using a little bit of olive oil on the edge of the crusts can make the crusts nice and crispy
  2. If one cannot afford a pizza stone, or is worried it will break then a pizza screen is pretty good.
  3. Sprinkling a little shredded cheese on the crust can be a nice touch for cheese lovers

Pizza in Practice

It is one thing to teach about pizza, but one must also practice the art of pizza.

Favorite Pizza Toppings and combinations

Frozen Pizza Reviews (Ranked top to bottom of my favorite)

  1. Newmans - From Paul Newman's foundation, it has just the right crust thickness for a thin crust pizza. I also appreciate the donations to charity.
  2. Uno's - The deep dish when done right, is delicous. Definitely bake it in the oven (30+ minutes) as per the directions in order to get the right pizza taste.
  3. Red Baron - Cheap and economical.
  4. California Pizza Kitchen - The sicilian style pizza is quite good.
  5. DiGiorno - It's a pretty good pizza when you are craving DiGiorno. I tend to cook it in a convection oven a few degrees cooloer and maybe 1-2 minutes less than instructed to get a more doughy crust. Occassionally I will add my own toppings as well.
  6. Toni's - Incredibly cheap pizza when you need a fix, I have seen it as low as $2.99

Pizza Places (Ranked in no particular order)

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